How it all started...

Long after the days of Oliver Hazard Perry and General Philip Henry Sheridan's eras, farming was a common source of livelihood in Southeastern Ohio.  After harvesting corn and raising pigs, the Holekamp family decided to start a Christmas tree farm.  In 1980 the first Christmas trees were planted.  Around that time, Mr. Holekamp stumbled upon a barn sale just up the road. After a quick stop, he had made a deal to disassemble the barn that was built in 1838 and keep the wood.  Later, a train ride in Nelsonville that showcased some log cabins turned into a trip to West Virginia where the cabin design was born.  Soon after, they began building the log cabin.  Log by log, the cabin was assembled with the help of some local high school kids and the neighboring farmer.  Little did they know, this log cabin would be a central gathering point for decades to come!


  In 2000, the Christmas tree farm transferred hands.  Nineteen years later, the Helts saw the potential of rebuilding a family Christmas experience and purchased the tree farm.  With a lot of love, dedication and hard work, we have BIG plans in store for the farm!  We hope you'll stop in to see what's new this holiday season!

Thank you, Steve and Janine, for unknowingly starting our dream so many years ago!  We truly appreciate your guidance, stories shared and well wishes as we start this new endeavor!

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Holiday Farm Inc.